IceMice Electric Inc.


WE design energy efficient Lighting Control Systems and Build quality installations

Our design parameters are to make your environment better and your life easier. We make safe, warm, friendly, inspiring spaces.  Useful purpose driven environments tailored to your tastes, wishes and needs. Saving you time and money without sacrifice.

Our skilled tradesmen are able to work in your Home or Business with ease, ensuring a pleasant and clean installation process. Whether a retrofit, a renovation, or a brand new build we have the experience and integrity you need for a successful outcome.

We love electricity. We care for and control electrons.  We safely harness electricity to your advantage. We get the most benefits by using a lighting control system. There is no need to pay for power you don’t need.  By controlling light levels the result will enhance the mood. The task, the music and the movie .It is a science about making your home more livable, more relaxing, and more affordable. Adding Controls for heat and cooling, vampire loads and window shades maximum benefits can be enjoyed. BY controlling rooms, areas, and the whole house, you will enjoy more, have more time, save money and the environment. Not only is it fun it’s green.

Call us to day to find out how we can improve the light of your life.

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Some of the things we do are listed below. We service residential and commercial jobs large or small Size does not matter results do.


Energy audits


Radio RA2 Lighting control systems

Daylight harvesting

Repairs to all wiring and fixtures especially rewiring chandeliers

Theater rooms

Hydro meters and panels

Basement lights and plugs





Cable TV outlets 

New receptacles